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Wheel of Blessings Pendant by Haari


The Wheel of Blessings Pendant is designed as an acient coin. Two famous blessings are engraved into the silver portion of the pendant, while the top is highlighted with gold and diamonds. The first engravement is Eshet Chayll (Woman of Valor) a...

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Bar Mitzvah Necklace


This beautiful necklace is shaped as a book of Torah, which would make it the perfect gift for any Bar/Bat Mitzvah. The silver pendant is made out of the five metals (Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin, and Lead), which is said to draw on powerful energies and...

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Gold Ten Sephirot Pendant


This one of a kind gold pendant is set with precious gems according to the Ten Sephiroth scheme. The Kabbalah teaches that in our world there is also an exact parallel between the ten sephiroth in the body and soul of the man and they find their...

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Shema Yisrael Silver & Gold Ring by Haari


Shema Yisrael Silver & Gold Ring by Haari is an antique-style ring that is beautifully set with black diamonds. The silver band is inscribed in Hebrew with Shema Yisrael: "Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One". This expresses the...

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Chai Necklace Silver and Gold by Haari


This is one of the most unique Chai pendants you'll ever see! Chai means life or living in Hebrew. Chai pendants make a wonderful gift that will be cherished closed to heart. This pendant is handmade from silver and gold. All Haari Kabbalah Jewelry...

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Haari Kabbalah Hoshen Crown Pendant


Take a look at this magnificent piece! The Hoshen Crown pendant is handmade from gold and the crown is set with the Hoshen stones. The Kabbalah attributes special physical and spiritual qualities to each stone. By holding this piece close to body,...

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Silver Fish Kabbalah Pendant


A unique shaped silver fish Kabbalah pendant with the verses "Ben Porat Yosef" and "Keep me, O God; for I have taken refuge in Thee" (The book of Psalms: 16:1) inscribed upon it. These inscriptions are virtue for protection against the evil eye. This...

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David's Blessing Pendant by Haari


David's Blessing Pendant by Haari is handmade from silver and set with a garnet stone. The piece, created in israel, was carefully engraved with the images of a pomegranate, an eye, and grapes. These images transform the piece into a symbol for...

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Gold Hoshen Disc Pendant By Haari


This unique handcrafted gold amulet is decorated with Hoshen Stones. The breastplate was first worn by the High Priests of the Israelites, the Kohens, as specified in Bible, book of Exodus, Chapter 28. The breastplate is crafted according to the...

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5 Metal Dove Pendant By Haari Kabbalah


A gorgeous kabbalah jewelry dove of peace pendant from the HaAri Kabbalah jewelry collection. This Kabbalah pendant is a 5 metal Elements pendants. In the Kabbalah, the combination of five specific metals is considered a virtue for blessing and...

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5 Metal Evil Eye Ring With Star Of David


A unique evil eye ring w/ star of david. This kabbalah ring is a 5 metal elements ring decorated with a Golden star of david symbol. Underneath are the other elements. In the Kabbalah, the combination of five specific metals is considered a virtue for...

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Kabbalah Golden & Silver Ring For Health


An inspiring interwined golden and silver kabbalah ring from the HaAri Kabbalah jewelry collection. A red gold ring from the inside and silver from the outside. On the ring is engraved the prayer: Keep me from any Trouble, any Fear and any Illness. This...

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Kabbalah Gold Merkaba Pendant


A unique Gold Merkava Kabbalah Pendant from the HaAri Kabbalah jewelry collection. The Merkava is a powerful protection and healing tool in the Kabbalah. The Merkava pendant is based on the flow of life force energy in our body. This kabbalah pendant is...

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Hamsa Pendant With Gold And Silver Double Hand


A beautiful doubehand golden and silver hamsa pendant from the hamsa jewelry collection. The unique hamsa pendant made of gold and silver. The Hamsa (five in Arabic) is an amulet in the shape of a hand palm with five stretched fingers. Designed to...

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Kabbalah Golden And Silver Circle Pendant


A lovely Golden and Silver Circle Kabbalah Pendant from the HaAri Kabbalah jewelry collection. This kabbalah pendant is made of Gold and Silver circles with an inserted chrysoberyl gem. This gem is mentioned in the kabbalah sources of the "Midrash...

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Adam & Eve Tikun Kabbalah Pendant


A unique adam & eve tikun kabbalah pendant. This kaballah pendant is made of 2 parts - one part is made of Silver (symbolize femine power) & the other part is made of Gold (symbolize the male power). Both parts create the shape of 'Tikun Hava'...

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Ana Bekoach Gold & Silver 72 Names Pendant


A gorgeous Silver and Gold 72 Names of God Pendant. This pendant is double sided with the hebrew letters inchesLamed inches, inchesVav inches, inchesVav inches, representing are the twelth and sixth letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, providing for better...

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Ana Bekoah Prayer Amulet Kabbalah Ring

$269 $249

A lovely kabbalah ring with a rolling ana bekoah prayer from the HaAri Kabbalah jewelry collection. Take a prayer with you wherever you go -this kabbalah ring is handcrafted from gold and silver - with an engravement of the Ana Bekoach (Strength) prayer...

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Ana Bekoah Ring With Gold Rocking Star Of David


An exciting ana bekoah kabbalah ring with gold rocking star of david from Magic Touch Kabbalah Jewelry. This kabbalah ring includes a gorgeous rocking star of david and is surrounded by engraving of the Ana Bekoach prayer, one of the most powerful...

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