Star of David Jewelry

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Wheel of Blessings Pendant by Haari


The Wheel of Blessings Pendant is designed as an acient coin. Two famous blessings are engraved into the silver portion of the pendant, while the top is highlighted with gold and diamonds. The first engravement is Eshet Chayll (Woman of Valor) a...

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5 Metal Evil Eye Ring With Star Of David


A unique evil eye ring w/ star of david. This kabbalah ring is a 5 metal elements ring decorated with a Golden star of david symbol. Underneath are the other elements. In the Kabbalah, the combination of five specific metals is considered a virtue for...

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Ana Bekoah Ring With Gold Rocking Star Of David


An exciting ana bekoah kabbalah ring with gold rocking star of david from Magic Touch Kabbalah Jewelry. This kabbalah ring includes a gorgeous rocking star of david and is surrounded by engraving of the Ana Bekoach prayer, one of the most powerful...

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Haari Kabbalah Jewelry David Star Necklace


A unique Haari Kabbalah Jewelry David Star Necklace from sterling silver and gold. Inscribed on this kabbalah pendant is the verse from the Book of Psalms "May God Bless you..all the days of your life". Provides for prosperity and abundnce to you and...

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Kabbalah Jewelry Star Of David Bless The Man


A unique bless the man kabbalah Star of David from the HaAri Kabbalah jewelry collection. This kabbalah jewelry piece is handcrafted from gold and silver inserted onyx gem. The Star of David was used by David on his shield during battles and is a symbol...

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Kabbalah Ten Sefirot Stars Of David Pendant

$145 $120

A unique kabbalah jewelry ten sefirot stars of david pendant from the HaAri Kabbalah jewelry collection. This star of david kabbalah pendant is handcrafted from gold and silver. The Kabbalah is distinguished by its theory of ten creative forces...

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Twice Is Good Star Of David


"Twice is good" Star of David by Haari. Made of sterling silver and gold coating. All Haari Kabbalah Jewelry at Setty Gallery comes to you in an original Haari Kabbalah Jewelry gift box along with the artist's card. This kabbalah jewelry item is handmade...

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