Ayala Bar Spring 2018 - Now Available At Setty Gallery

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We are very happy to announce that the new Ayala Bar Spring 2018 collection is now available at Setty Gallery. Ayala Bar releases two collections every year, one before the spring and one before the fall. Enjoy this collection! 

Ayala Bar Spring 2018

The collection is divided into many styles -  Click here to view which styles you prefer most -  each one has a unique combination of colors and patterns. A few styles are highlighted below. 

The Cirrus Style

The Cirrus style jewelry by Ayala Bar projects sophistication and mystery. Its variety of subtle colors complements the overall blue tone for a classic look. As part of The Radiance Collection, these items feature gorgeous fabrics under glass.

The Riviera Style

The Riviera Style by Ayala Bar uses the blue of water and green of grass for a teal appearance. The simple coloring helps balance the complex design for a peaceful look. As part of The Classic Collection, these items are a gorgeous mosaic with strong color coordination.

The Elle Style

The Elle Style jewelry is made up of light metal chains and expressive fabric which gives it a simple yet intricate look. As part of The Kaleidoscope Collection, these items showcase unique and colorful fabrics.

Ayala Bar Spring 2018 Elle

The Tahoe Style

The Tahoe Style uses nature's favorite color, green, to catch the eye of any admirer. With other natural colors to add  some flare, these pieces are a must! As a part of The Hip Collection, these items are made of unique fabric compositions with glass, crystals, metals, and stone.

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