Ayala Bar Classic

The Ayala Bar Classic collection, gorgeous mosaics and colors!



About Ayala Bar Classic

logo ayala bar Ayala Bar Classic features gorgeous mosaics and colors. The artist's innovative designs blend natural elements, beads, crystals, stones and glass with assorted metals and fabrics. Her unique style has been referred to as Art Deco Meets Middle East. Ayala Bar Classic jewelry is designed at the artist's studio in Givatayim, a suburb of Tel Aviv. The artist has emerged as one of Israel's leading handcrafted jewelry designers, after graduating from art school in the 1980's and pursuing an eclectic career in theater and interior design. Ayala Bar Jewelry can be found in museum stores such as the Jewish Museum of New York City and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London as well as leading boutiques and art galleries around the world. Ayala Bar releases two collections a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Her mostpopular jewelry types include: Ayala Bar Earrings, Ayala Bar Bracelets, Ayala Bar Necklaces,  and Ayala Bar Rings, Also checkout our Ayala Bar Sale with 20-50% discount off retail prices. Exclusive to Setty Gallery, all Ayala Bar Jewelry is provided to you in an original gift box, along with the artist's card. Enjoy Ayala Bar Classic at Setty Gallery.



Ayala Bar Classic