Nava Zahavi

That artist strives to bringing beauty into the lives of those who wear it . “When designing my jewelry, I use the finest quality semi-precious stones, wrapped in 24 karat gold as if embraced by the sun. I aspire to create designs of enduring beauty…..designs that speak of ancient history, yet maintain a fresh, contemporary feel.”



About Nava Zahavi

logo anat collection Nava Zahavi, a world traveler and renowned international jewelry designer takes inspiration from her environment and experiences into her creations. Themes portrayed in her works speak of ancient history yet maintain a contemporary look. For example, the use of aquamarine stones represent the sea and sky, citrine and rutilated stones mimic sandy beaches, carnelian stones boast the sun’s warm rays, and colorful stones reflect the beauty of nature. Cjeckout: , Nava Zahava Necklaces , Nava Zahavi Rings, Nava Zahavi Bracelets, Exclusive to Setty Gallery, all Nave Zahavi Jewelry is provided to you in an original gift box, along with the artist’s card. Enjoy Nava Zahavi jewelry at Setty Gallery.


Nava Zahavi