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About Leetal Kalmanson Bracelets

logo leetal-kalmanson Setty Gallery carries a large selection of LK Bracelets from the LK Designs / Leetal Kalmanson jewelry collection. Leetal Kalmanson, also reffered to as LK designs or LK Jewelry , is a rapidly growing jewelry name, available in leading boutiques worldwide. All LK jewelry designs are handmade with unique european crystal stones, swarorski components, specially designed elements and top quality leather. LK jewelry is known especially for its unique color combinations and chic designs, incorporating revolutionary concepts in the famous LK earrings collections, unique necklaces and glamour bracelets. After graduating the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in the field of graphic design, the artist decided to combine her design skills and talent with her true passion of fashion - thus creating the LK designs collection. This collection is now a true success story sold all over the globe. All LK designs jewelry is handmade with the highest quality materials. In recent news, Hewlett Packard (HP), the world's largest computer company, launched the HP - LK jeweled laptop series. We are proud to provide a large selection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets from this collection. Enjoy LK jewelry at Setty Gallery.