In 2005 Yael Setty founded Setty Gallery in beautiful Colorado, USA.  


She founded the company based on 4 key values, which we honor until today: 

#1: Passion

“I combined my passion for both international cultures and beautiful jewelry when I started my business. Today, I share that passion with others as we bring our customers pieces from artists around the world.”

#2: Family

“I am a mom to twin girls and two boys. Family is the most important part of my life, a principle I apply to Setty Gallery as well.” We are family owned and treat our customers like family. Our customers and employees mean the world to us. 


#3: Giving

"I'm blown away by your generosity and response. Thank you so much! You have a customer for life, and when someone asks me where I bought those earrings, instead of saying I got them on the internet I will say I got them at Setty Gallery on the internet" We are committed to our customers. We go above and beyond to make our customers happy, including personal consults to find you a piece that is the best possible fit for an outfit or event. In addition, we offer free shipping and returns to provide the smoothest shopping experience.

#4: Community

The community we serve is important to us. To give back, we donate a portion of our proceeds to women's causes worldwide.