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Michal Negrin Pink Rose Ring


The brand new Michal Negrin Pink Rose Ring is one that you will love! The ring was designed with swarovski crystals that shine in the sun. This handmade, graphic design ring is one that you will not want to miss out on. All Michal Negrin jewelry at...

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Michal Negrin Red Rose Ring


Michal Negrin's Red Rose Ring is simply a must-have. The round ring has integrated printed metal and Swarovski crystals. The handmade ring really is special and will be a great accessory to any outfit. All Michal Negrin jewelry at Setty Gallery...

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Negrin Jewelry Classic Garden Adjustable Ring

$129 $119

This item is in stock A lovely Michal Negrin Ring from the Michal Negrin Classic collection. Michal Negrin rings in this collection are available in a variety of colors and combine Swarovski crystals, glass beads, lace, pearls, cameos, and metal...

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