Michal Golan Citrine Collection

13th Oct 2018

Michal Golan Citrine Collection

The theme of the Michal Golan Citrine collection is Gold. In every single piece of Jewelry the main color used will always be gold. The word Citrine itself means yellow, gold and brown- which are the only three colors used through out this entire collection.

 Citrine Long Necklace

With the Citrine Collection the colors that are supposed to poppet are yellow, brown, and gold. But in this necklace the color that pops out the most is white. Even though the white used for this piece is supposed to be complementary color it steals the show and make itself a primary color in the necklace's design.

 Citrine Rectangle Long Earrings

These earrings have six different sections in them, and in section the earrings have a different design to them, with different textures. The only thing each section has in common are the main colors used- brown and gold. The designer, Michal Golan, made sure that these earrings were special and had an unmatched design that no one had seen or worn before.

Citrine Circle Post Earrings

Gold is a big factor in these earrings, seeing as it is supposed to be the color that makes people want to wear it. But the real showstopper, are the background colors. They compliment the gold used in the middle while at the same time stands out on their own.

Citrine Floral Pin

This adorable flower shaped pin is both glam and playful. It's cute abstract shape is contrasted by its rich jewel and pearl encrusted surface.