Michal Negrin Winter Collection

16th Feb 2018

Michal Negrin Winter Collection

The Michal Negrin Winter line has just arrived and we could not wait to discover the new items!

This new line brought with it a lot of striking jewelry, with colors ranging from rich gold and midnight black to baby blues and soft purples. This line has many different forms of jewelry, including brooches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. 


The new set of bracelets in our Michal Negrin collection are extremely unique. They are the perfect gift to any woman who wishes to show her distinctive qualities.

Round Flower Bracelet


The newest addition to our Michal Negrin collection is the brooch. Currently, we have four of them available: the Butterfly Broochthe Crystal Flower Broochthe Lace Picture Brooch, and the Unicorn Brooch. As a new line of Michal Negrin, it adds in a new style to your attire. It is a collection hand-crafted to a standard of perfection.

Lace Picture Brooch


This jewelry is perfect for individuals who wish to add to their outfit. These earrings are the perfect addition to any outfit. Show off your trendsetting style when you wear Michal Negrin's latest earrings.

Heavy Heart Earrings


While all the other jewelry items so far have been fun and lively, adding spirit, the necklaces this year are more sensual. They are very light, yet they hold layers worth uncovering. These necklaces are perfect for a romantic night out or a candlelight dinner.

Hidden Love Necklace


These new rings add a sophisticated glow to your outfit. It is characterized by its gorgeous patterns, both simple and complex, that are implanted into glass crystals. They are designed to enhance your natural beauty.

Simplistic Ring