NEW MICHAL GOLAN ARRIVALS - Icy Dreams Collection available at Setty Gallery

18th Sep 2019

NEW MICHAL GOLAN ARRIVALS - Icy Dreams Collection available at Setty Gallery

Setty Gallery is a handmade jewelry store that features jewelry from international designers including Ayala BarMichal GolanMichal NegrinNava Zahavi and many more.

NEW at Setty Gallery is the Icy Dream's Collection. Michal Golan’s Icy Dreams eye-catching collection features these beautifully detailed crystallized pieces that add a classic glow to any outfit. Whether it’s a necklace, a bracelet, or dangling earrings, you’re definitely going to dazzle everyone with these looks.


The Icy Dreams collection features necklaces with adjustable chains to fit you just right! Here’s a look that would look great for a classy night out in the fall with Michal Golan's Icy Dreams Rectangle Necklace


You can never go wrong with a simple crystal bracelet, right? Try this Icy Dreams Charm Bracelet with this look to work and turn heads!


Are these Michal Golan's Icy Dreams Circle Earrings? Why yes they are! Here’s how we thought you could style them

Like what you see? Check out more of the Icy Dreams collection or see more of Michal Golan's collections.

Michal Golan uses colored gemstones and other natural elements in her intricate designs. Learn more about Michal Golan here

 "I draw inspiration from Middle Eastern mosaics, Victorian jewelry, and Byzantine art. I am an avid museum/gallery visitor, so I am constantly finding inspiration in the art world." - Michal Golan