Evil Eye Hamsa Hand


Silver And Gold Evil Eye Pendant


A unique silver and gold evil eye pendant. A silver and gold kabbalah hamsa pendant At the heart of the hamsa is a turquoise gem. The inner part of this hamsa pendant is made of silver, engraved is a psalm from the Song of Songs in the old testament...

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Hamsa Pendant From Evil Eye Jewelry Collection


A unique hamsa pendant from evil eye jewelry collection. The unique silver kabbalah pendant is in the shape of Hamsa, inside is hanged a small Star of David made of Gold with an inserted gem. It carries 3 out of the 72 sacred names of G-d according to...

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Silver And Gold Match Making Hamsa Pendant


A gorgeous silver and gold match making hamsa. Hamsa jewelry is believed to avert the evil eye and provide a Hand of God for protection. The inner part of this hamsa pendant is made of gold and designed as a DNA chain shape. The letter "Hey" that...

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