Evil Eye Pendants


Silver And Gold Evil Eye Pendant


A unique silver and gold evil eye pendant. A silver and gold kabbalah hamsa pendant At the heart of the hamsa is a turquoise gem. The inner part of this hamsa pendant is made of silver, engraved is a psalm from the Song of Songs in the old testament...

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Hamsa Pendant From Evil Eye Jewelry Collection


A unique hamsa pendant from evil eye jewelry collection. The unique silver kabbalah pendant is in the shape of Hamsa, inside is hanged a small Star of David made of Gold with an inserted gem. It carries 3 out of the 72 sacred names of G-d according to...

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Jacob's Dream Kabbalah Amulet


A special jacob's dream kabbalah amulet. This silver amulet pendant includes the phrase for protection : ' May God will guard you in all your ways' from the old testament. This kabbalah jewelry item is made in Israel by HaAri Kabbalah jewelry and comes...

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Silver And Gold Match Making Hamsa Pendant


A gorgeous silver and gold match making hamsa. Hamsa jewelry is believed to avert the evil eye and provide a Hand of God for protection. The inner part of this hamsa pendant is made of gold and designed as a DNA chain shape. The letter "Hey" that...

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Kabbalah Golden Fish Pendant


A unique Golden firsh Kabbalah Pendant from the HaAri Kabbalah jewelry collection. In the kabbalah, fish is thought to offer a protection from the evil eye. Since fish live in the water and cannot be seen, they are protected from the envious stare...

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Kabbalah Jewelry Persian Amulet Pendant

$95 $80

A gorgeous persian kabbalah amulet ring from the HaAri Kabbalah jewelry collection. This kabbalah jewelry piece is made of silver and is in the shape of a Locker, with Garnet gem inserted. It is a copy of an Amulet from the 16th century that was found in...

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Silver Kabbalah Jewelry Amulet Pendant


A lovely silver kabbalah amulet pendant. This kabbalah pendant has hollow silver with an amulet parchment containing Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai's blessing for prosperity and success. The amulet case bears the "Ben porat Yosef" Blessing for protection...

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Kabbalah Jewelry Sort Protection Pendant


A special protection kabbalah pendant from the HaAri Kabbalah jewelry collection. This Kabbalah pendant is handcrafted from sterling silver and carries engravements of 2 of the 72 sacred names of G-d - one representing Protection (Alef, Lamed, Dalet)...

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Gold And Silver Kabbalah Pendant For Protection


A unique gold and silver kabbalah pendant for protection from Magic Touch Kabbalah Jewelry. This kabbalah pendant includes the Hebrew letters Aleph Lamed and Dalet in gold above a unique silver setting. these three letters are the initials of one of the...

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