Kabbalah Jewelry For Prosperity & Abundance


Silver HaShmi'ini Ring by Haari


Take a look at this stunning ring! The HaShmi'ini Ring features the Chrysoberyl stone, which is believed to provide protection from negative energies. The inner side of the ring is inscribed in Hebrew with two three letter combination names...

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Wheel of Blessings Pendant by Haari


The Wheel of Blessings Pendant is designed as an acient coin. Two famous blessings are engraved into the silver portion of the pendant, while the top is highlighted with gold and diamonds. The first engravement is Eshet Chayll (Woman of Valor) a...

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Bar Mitzvah Necklace


This beautiful necklace is shaped as a book of Torah, which would make it the perfect gift for any Bar/Bat Mitzvah. The silver pendant is made out of the five metals (Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin, and Lead), which is said to draw on powerful energies and...

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Shema Yisrael Silver & Gold Ring by Haari


Shema Yisrael Silver & Gold Ring by Haari is an antique-style ring that is beautifully set with black diamonds. The silver band is inscribed in Hebrew with Shema Yisrael: "Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One". This expresses the...

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Silver Fish Kabbalah Pendant

$39 $33

A unique shaped silver fish Kabbalah pendant with the verses "Ben Porat Yosef" and "Keep me, O God; for I have taken refuge in Thee" (The book of Psalms: 16:1) inscribed upon it. These inscriptions are virtue for protection against the evil eye. This...

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5 Metal Star Of David Pendant


A gorgeous star of david kabbalah pendant from the HaAri Kabbalah jewelry collection. This kabbalah jewelry pendant is made of five metal elements. The kabbalah considers the combination of five specific metals - Gold and Silver, Copper Tin and Lead a...

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72 Names Of God Star Of David Kabbalah Pendant

$150 $145

A beautiful kabbalah 72 Names of God Star of David Kabbalah Pendant. The following 3 of the 72 names of God are inscribed on this kabbalah pendant: "Mem", "Hey", "Shin" letters in Hebrew providing for health and healing, "Alef", "Lamed" and "Dalet" in...

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5 Metals Star Of David Key Pendant


A lovely kabbalah jewelry star of david pendant from the HaAri Kabbalah jewelry collection. The Star of David was used by David on his shield during battles and is a symbol for the Lord?s protection. This five metal Elements kabbalah pendant is made of...

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Kabbalah Golden And Silver Circle Pendant


A lovely Golden and Silver Circle Kabbalah Pendant from the HaAri Kabbalah jewelry collection. This kabbalah pendant is made of Gold and Silver circles with an inserted chrysoberyl gem. This gem is mentioned in the kabbalah sources of the "Midrash...

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Five Metals Eye Ring Amulet For Success


A unique eye kabbalah ring amulet for success. This kabbalah ring is a 5 metal Elements Ring - the kabbalah considers the combination of five specific metals as a virtue for blessing and protection, The ring carries engravements of one of the 72 sacred...

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Kabbalah Ben Porat Yosef Ring With An Onyx Inlay


A unique Kabbalah Ben Porat Yosef Ring With an Onyx Inlay from the HaAri Kabbalah jewelry collection. This kabbalah ring is handcrafted from metals with an onyx inlay. The ring includes engraving of the following phrase in Hebrew: Ben Porat Yossef . The...

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Silver Kabbalah Jewelry Amulet Pendant


A lovely silver kabbalah amulet pendant. This kabbalah pendant has hollow silver with an amulet parchment containing Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai's blessing for prosperity and success. The amulet case bears the "Ben porat Yosef" Blessing for protection...

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Ana Bekoach Silver Ring With Chrysoberyl Stone


A lovely silver ring with crysobil stone for abundance and success from Magic Touch Kabbalah Jewelry. This kabbalah ring includes an embedded crysobil stone and is surrounded by engraving of the Ana Bekoach prayer, one of the most powerful prayers in the...

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Ben Porat Yosef Spiral Pendant


A inspiring spriral kabbalah pendant. This silver mezuzah kabblah pendant is made of gold with a spiral line around it. On the Gold line is engraved : 'Ben Porat Yoseph'. The Ben Porat prayer is the blessing for abundance and fertility that Jacob...

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Diamond Fish Kabbalah Pendant For Abundance


A gorgeous 14K white gold kabbalah pendant in the shape of a fish with an embedded 2 dots white diamond. Fish also symbolize abundance and prosperity in the kabbalah, as they thrive in infinite numbers. This kabbalah jewelry item is made in Israel by...

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Diamonds And White Gold Pommegranate Pendant

$1,686 $1,499

A lovely with gold pmmengranate kabbalah pendant from the HaAri Kabbalah jewelry collection. One of our unique Kabbalah jewelry pieces - this kabbalah pendant includes a 14K white gold pendant in the shape of a pommegranate. White diamonds are inserted...

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