Kabbalah Jewelry For Protection


HaAri "Ariel" Jewish Bracelet for Protection


This masculine leather bracelet adorned with lions (Ariel in Hebrew), Kabbalistic blessings and the Priestly blessings is a powerful piece of jewelry for a special man in your life. The bracelet features a hook closure making for a comfortable fit....

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Gold Ten Sephirot Pendant


This one of a kind gold pendant is set with precious gems according to the Ten Sephiroth scheme. The Kabbalah teaches that in our world there is also an exact parallel between the ten sephiroth in the body and soul of the man and they find their...

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Chai Necklace Silver and Gold by Haari


This is one of the most unique Chai pendants you'll ever see! Chai means life or living in Hebrew. Chai pendants make a wonderful gift that will be cherished closed to heart. This pendant is handmade from silver and gold. All Haari Kabbalah Jewelry...

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Haari Kabbalah Hoshen Crown Pendant


Take a look at this magnificent piece! The Hoshen Crown pendant is handmade from gold and the crown is set with the Hoshen stones. The Kabbalah attributes special physical and spiritual qualities to each stone. By holding this piece close to body,...

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David's Blessing Pendant by Haari


David's Blessing Pendant by Haari is handmade from silver and set with a garnet stone. The piece, created in israel, was carefully engraved with the images of a pomegranate, an eye, and grapes. These images transform the piece into a symbol for...

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Gold Hoshen Disc Pendant By Haari


This unique handcrafted gold amulet is decorated with Hoshen Stones. The breastplate was first worn by the High Priests of the Israelites, the Kohens, as specified in Bible, book of Exodus, Chapter 28. The breastplate is crafted according to the...

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Haari Pendant For Prosperity with Onyx


A gorgeous  unisex Pendant for Prosperity and success. This necklace made of silver and gold and onyx stone, The 9K gold lettering spells out one of the 72 Names of God. According to the Kabbalah the name Samech-Aleph-Lamed is...

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