Kabbalah Unisex Leather Wrap Bracelet


A lovely unisex leather wrap kabbalah pendant from the HaAri Kabbalah jewelry collection. This kabbalah bracelet is made of sterlng silver. The pendant is double-sided. On one side is one of the 72 names of God, Alef Lamed Dalet letters in Hebrew, which...

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Leetal Kalmanson Yellow Hamsa Bracelet

$63 $49

A unique Leetal Kalmanson Yellow Hamsa bracelet. Length: 7 inches, Width: 0.875 inches.  Color: yellow. All Leetal Kalmanson Jewelry at Setty Gallery comes to you in an original Leetal Kalmanson gift bag. Jewelry from this unique artist is often...

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Michal Golan Bracelet Nile


A beautiful Michal Golan Bracelet Nile. Part of the Michal Golan Nile collection Inspired by the Nile river and the ancient civilizations it nurtured. This collection borrows distinctive qualities from ancient Egyptian jewelry including large geometric...

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Michal Golan Gray and Turquoise Hamsa Bracelet


A lovely Michal Golan Gray and Turquoise Hamsa Bracelet. Part of the Michal Golan Hamsa collection - the Hamsa is a Middle Eastern symbol of good luck intended to ward off evil and protect its wearer. The artist invigorates the Hamsa through the use of...

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